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Posted by Olaniyi Orimoloye on April 27, 2017
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The psychological construct of “confidence” was the foundation of new research that examined university students’ confidence levels, then correlated these levels to academic performance. Students were asked to record their confidence levels related to course content at the beginning of a horticultural science class, then again at the end of the course. Researchers found that assessment results compared with the students’ academic performance showed that change in confidence was an indication of student learning. Source: American Society for Horticultural Science (Science Daily)

Confidence is the belief we have in ourselves despite any setback we experience.  A school should be able to build in a child the confidence in his or her ability to succeed. Resources offered by schools should be capable of enabling this.

Good and qualified teachers are among the resources needed to kindle the confidence of a child. A good teacher is one of the points of boast of a good school. It could be a selling point. A passionate teacher needs to see it as a responsibility to help a child develop confidence. Teachers come by situations that could put them in disarray from time to time, but must be steadfast and with the mission building confidence.

Facilities in a school are in the category of resources owned by schools and would boost the confidence of a child. Some students have developed skills in some games or arts all because the facilities and trainers are there. They learn the use and better still learn the entrepreneural side of it, and they get proficient.

Curriculum teaching involves setting of goals or objectives to be measurably achieved by students. This make learning well orientated and easily achievable. Where curriculum are soundly delivered based on human and material logistics, qualified teachers and instructional materials, high perfomance is made possible and confidence boosted.

Competitiveness can help too. In a competitive environment the motive is always to get better than others. Efforts for success usher more strength and confidence. Where there is no competition within and without the school, there is dullness and performance gets low.

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