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Posted by Olaniyi Orimoloye on September 8, 2017
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Holiday is gradually getting over and many schools are craving the interests of prospective parents and guardians. During this season you would witness lots of ads on radio and television, you would read lots of school’s inviting posters and hand bills or brochures. Band trains go round the town to draw attention all in bid to launch publicity for schools.

Publicity shouldn’t be a one off practice or a matter of once in a term or session. Publicity often times have dug out the sense of judgment of a people and appealed to their interest.

While thinking on this path, we have discovered publicity driven by the internet are yet inadequately tapped by many schools: Many schools are not tapping into the internet publicity windows at all, while some who do only have a partial feel of, or feed on, the frame.

Some schools do have websites but which expired without activity or being followed. It must be noted that a school website may be unproductive without being promoted.

Schools should begin to give more attention to what I would here describe as digital publicity. Digital publicity involves employing the web or technology facilities to appeal to the interest and patronage of prospective customers. It is to make you or your content go viral, or showcase your programs and passion.

There are so much to showcase about schools:
The brand
The facilities
The security
The intelligence
The students
The events
The programs
….(List continues)
Interestingly there are people surfing the web to make findings about schools. Where schools are not properly listed they may never be in the know of the right people, and hence remain unprospective.
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