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A lonely life could be traumatic. This I have come to realise after a comparison between a job undertaken by a person and that by two. There is an energy driven by the forces supplied by two but never available to the lonely you. Between two we can have competition as in a race and by which the contestants feel pursued and inspired to end it qualitatively well. Between two there can be cohesion whereby you work together to achieve result by your responsiveness and inputs. There can be collaboration by which good results are engendered. The two may walk together as competitors or collaborators, it is the output that really matters and it is geared by the synergy. Journey between two is full of fun thus giving it a soothing ease while they cover distance long enough for a good story without stress.

There are many things you can’t do all alone and you need the persons or team to walk or work with if you ever crave success.  Quickly I remember: One shall chase a thousand, and two shall chase ten thousand. More benefits can be derived when you are two (or more): your fears are subdued, your errors are easily noted and corrected, you get inspired… In business, walk with a good team to help drive your dream. As a student get along with good study group to help your aspirations.

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March 18, 2017.


What is today’s date?

Today’s date is 18th of March, 2017. I really intend you keep this date with me for a purpose. It shall sometime later be a point of reference when we would have to evaluate our imports to colleges around us.  Today we officially declare a time and space for inspiration on College Catalog. We tag it College Catalog Inspiration. Our colleges are full of inspirations and we need to tap from the resource. That which is inspirational surely motivates.

The primary objective of College Catalog is to support schools’ publicity programs. Many of the Nigerian colleges have given resources to publicty programs like sign posts, bill boards, flyers, band train, radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet, and intelligence. You can’t exhaust the list. They all have different levels of effectiveness and would ascribe to you different status of success, but it’s good to understand the mix.

College Catalog Inspiration will be getting updated regularly to key you in the inspiration moves from our colleges. We are to bring you lessons from schools around you and everywhere.

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March 18, 2017.

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